Series Line

The office series”LINE” is a concept that offers you ready-made, functional and ergonomically designed solutions for small rooms. The working places have optimal dimensions so as to satisfy maximally the requirements of the modern office and to form a pleasant atmosphere with its characteristic "line".

The furniture of office series ”Line” is made of melamine faced chipboard. All visible parts are with 2mm edging. The free standing pedestals are on wheels. The working countertops of the desks have a thickness of 18 mm.

The series icludes:

- a stand alone desk
- a desk with 2 two working places
- a desk with an auxiliary shelve – for 1 or 2 person
- an auxiliary sector
- two type of pedestals with drawers

Stand alone desk "Line"

Extremely simple, economical and stylish desk. The front panel is in contrasting colour, which "crosses" the desk and gives originality and character to the series.

The desk is available in 6 different sizes and it can be easily combined with an auxiliary sector, pedestal with drawers, cupboard and various office accessories.


Desk with 2 workplaces "Line"

Desk designed for two workplaces, separated by partitions in a contrasting colour. It is offered in different lengths and colours, according to office needs. Under the countertop, a pedestal with 1 or several drawers can be conveniently placed.

With its clean line, the desks can be easily combined with other furniture in the office.