Series Dante

The series Dante is an elegant and fresh solution for children’s rooms.

Characteristic of this is the combination of materials - chipboard frames and MDF gloss fronts. The accent here is decorations with friezes and stickers.


Possible colours and decorations for children's furnishing Dante:

- Chipboard 18mm - white 0101 PE

- MDF 18mm gloss - white RAL 9010, pink RAL 3015, purple RAL 4001, blue RAL5007, gray RAL 7036

- frieze and stickers - butterflies or puzzle

The furnishing from this series includes:

- Bed Dante

Suitable for one-faced mattress with dimensions 1200/2000 mm. It is standard made with 2 drawers below, but 1 or 2 more can be add. The accent of the bed is the beautiful, curved headboard of MDF gloss, decorated with stickers. If desired a double-sided mattress, we also offer a metal mattress frame.

Code: 17761 Dimensions: L = 2156 B = 1246 H = 950

- Nightstand Dante with 2 drawers

The bedside table "Dante” is an ideal addition to the bed of the series. It is made of the same materials - the casing of chipboard, upper top and drawer's fronts of MDF gloss. Its dimensions are consistent with the bed design.

Code: 17760 Dimensions: L = 480 B = 400 H = 450

- Three-doors wardrobe Dante

The casing is made of chipboard and the doors of MDF gloss in two colors with an optional frieze. The internal space includes 5 shelves and 1 coat hanger.

Code: 17766 Dimensions: L = 1200 B = 580 H = 1970

- Corner desk with additional storey Dante

With its interesting design, the desk Dante is extremely comfortable and practical. Its distinctive features include an angular working top, a moveable keyboard and an additional storey with 1 cabinet and shelves. The additional storey can be mounted on the left or right, as desired. The corner worktop and the cupboard's door are made of MDF gloss.

In addition to the desk, we offer a stand for a desktop computer.

Code: 17749 Dimensions: L = 1200 B = 1218 H = 1750

- Pedestal Dante with 3 drawers on wheels

The casing is made of chipboard, upper top and the drawer’s fronts of MDF gloss. The pedestal can conveniently be placed under the desk of this series.

Code: 17769 Dimensions: L = 410 B = 400 H = 510


- Computer stand on wheels

Code: 4360 Dimensions: L = 260 B = 460 H = 125

- Metal under-mattress frame

Code: 17816 Dimensions: L = 2006 B = 1206 H = 30

- Extra drawer for bed “Dante”

Code: 17762 Dimensions: L = 700 B = 614 H = 175