Series Leader

To be successful, a modern manager must have many qualities. One of the most important is a non-standard approach and creative thinking. Тhe furniture in the office should express character and style.

All furniture Leader express a sense of individuality, prestige, creativity and success. The lightness and dynamics are in harmony with strength, reliability and functionality.

The series combines several types of materials - metal, MDF and melamine-coated chipboard. It is made in two variants:

1. The worktops of the desk and the conference table are made of MDF matt, thickness 36 mm, which is milled on all sides at an angle and gives a sense of elegance.

2. The worktops of the desk and the conference table are made of melamine-coated chipboard, thickness 36 mm.

For both variants:

  • The front panel of the desk is made of painted MDF matt, thickness 18 mm.
  • The metal structures are unique for the series. They are made of 40 x 10 mm powder coated profile.
  • The bases of the high and the auxiliary cabinet are made of melamine-coated chipboard. The fronts are a combination with MDF matt and melamine-coated chipboard. One of the doors of the long cabinet is made of MDF with a cut-out opening.
  • The drawers are with Quadro runners by Hettich. Cabinet with sliding doors.
  • It is possible for the desk to be stand-alone or angular, mounted on the auxiliary cabinet.

The series includes:

  • Code 22557   Manager Desk angular with Auxiliary Cabinet - melamine-coated chipboard worktop
  • Code 22630   Manager Desk angular with Auxiliary Cabinet - MDF worktop
  • Code 22203   Manager Desk with Front Panel - melamine-coated chipboard worktop
  • Code 20857   Manager Desk with Front Panel - MDF worktop
  • Code 20284   Conference Table - melamine-coated chipboard worktop
  • Code 20310   Conference Table - MDF worktop
  • Code 20902   Office cabinet with two sliding doors - melamine-coated chipboard and MDF
  • Code 20859    Auxiliary Cabinet with two drawers and a sliding door - melamine-coated chipboard and MDF

Visualizations with melamine-coated chipboard worktops


Colours and Decors::

  1. Melamine-coated chipboard EGGER H3450 ST22 White Fleetwood; MDF RAL 7021 Graphite matt; Metal- RAL 7021 Graphite matt
  2. Melamine-coated chipboard EGGER H3450 ST22 White Fleetwood; MDF NCS S4005-Y50-R Stone Grey matt; Metal - RAL 1013 Pearl White matt

Visualizations with MDF worktops


Colours and Decors:

  1. Melamine-coated chipboard EGGER H3398 ST12 Cognac Kendal Oak; MDF RAL 9016 White matt; Metal- RAL 9016 White matt

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