Office cupboards

Cupboards are an integral part of the furnishing in one office.

We offer a variety of office cupboards, according to the desired design, dimensions and functionality.

The double-sided cupboards are very suitable and convenient for large offices with more desks. They are made both with solid doors of chipboard as and glass ones. The shelves are in compliant with the standard of folders and classifiers. An open superstructure can also be added to some type of cupboards.

In addition to the overall vision and for the convenience of the office, we offer coat hangers and a wardrobe for clothes.


There are possible:

- cupboards with open shelves

- cupboards with one or two doors and an open area

- cupboards closed with one or two doors

- cupboards with sliding doors single-faced, double-faced and open-ended

Office cupboards ШК1

Office cupboards ШК2

Office cupboards ШК3

Office cupboards ШК4

Cupboards with sliding doors