Series Loyal

Office furniture is essential for the effective functioning of a business. It makes the office space more comfortable and attractive. The furniture creates a pleasant feeling for the visitors.

Office series LOYAL is a leading concept with two types of colored glass and solid elements. This office series is functional and has a clean vision. It will fit into your office and emphasize your personality.

The series is made of melamine-coated chipboard. The edging of all visible parts is 2 mm.

A special feature of the legs of the desk and the table, as well as the decorative panel, is the thickness of 96 mm and the black glass lacquer applied. All horizontal glass pieces, which are part of the work surface, are 10 mm thick and colored in graphite.

In the cabinets there are door-shocks for softening the door closing.

The container has a central locking system.

The series includes:

  • Code 12425  Desk with a combined worktop - L = 1800 mm
  • Code 8889    Desk with a combined worktop - L = 2000 mm
  • Code 11924   Auxiliary sector
  • Code 8892     Conference table with combined table top
  • Code 18560   Low coffee table
  • Code 9976     Office cabinet with 3 doors
  • Code 11752   Vertical office cabinet with 1 door for mounting to the wall
  • Code 14820   Office cabinet with 4 doors and an open shelf
  • Code 5062     Container with 3 drawers and central locking
  • Code 14819   Wardrobe with 2 doors
  • Code 14822   Decorative panel

Colours and Decors:

  1. Melamine-coated chipboard Kronospan 8953 SU Tiepolo Walnut; Glass - Black lacquer 4 mm; Glass - Grey volumetric coloured glass 10 mm
  2. Melamine-coated chipboard EGGER H1277 ST9 Light Lakeland Acacia; Glass - Black lacquer 4 mm; Glass - Grey volumetric coloured glass 10 mm

Technical specification