Series i-office

The modern office concepts provide opportunities for flexible working processes, creating an individual space and atmosphere that stimulates and motivates employees to be more productive. In the office, the effective work, knowledge and face-to-face communication are very important. Thus, the design of the office and its furnishings become management tools and are a key factor for the company success.

Office furniture series i - office offers an excellent opportunity to choose and arrange alone your office space. In support of this, we offer you a choice of 5 metal legs designs for desks, a wide range of functional and synchronous supplementing desks for the cupboards, as well as stand-alone modules and accessories.

The desks are extremely robust, reliable and with a modern vision. Metal constructions are made of 40 x 40 profiles with adjustable legs. Below the worktop there is a metal beam that ensures the strength of the desks. The worktops and cabinet are made of 18 mm chipboard in several color combinations.

Flexibility, style, robustness and accentuated individuality - these are just some of the benefits you will get with office furniture series i-office.

The series includes:

- separate office desks
- separate desks to the cupboard
- two person desks
- two person desk to the cupboards
- four person desk
- auxiliary cupboards to the desk
- auxiliary sections with drawers and shelves
- pedestals with drawers, with and without locking
- shelf for a wall
- decorative panel
- accessories, such as a computer stand, a cable entries, a safety lock, etc.

Separate office desks

The separate desks from i-office series are practical, comfortable and with an interesting design. We offer them in several sizes; it is possible to choose different colors of countertop and several types of legs for the desk, according to your preferences.

The desks can be combined with various accessories and additional modules – a front panel, a computer stand, a pedestal with a drawers, cupboards and more.


Separate desks to the cupboards

The self-contained desks from i-office series, we also offer as a variant to the auxiliary cupboard. In this case, the desk is made with 1 leg, and on the other side is mounted on the selected cupboard. Thereby saves space, resources and creates greater convenience for the employee work.

We offer different models of auxiliary cupboards, several models of legs for a desks and a variety of colors for the countertop. So anyone can create their own individual and functional working place.


Two person desks

Ideal solution for two employees in one office. The united desks for two working places are convenient, saves space and resources, predispose face to face communication and more efficient work. If necessary, a devider can be placed between the desks.

The desks with two working places are available in several models and in different colours.


Two person desks to the cupboards

Extremely practical solution.

Desks, combined for two people, mounted to the cupboards, optimize office space and create convenience for the employees.

Various combinations of the desks and cupboards are possible, according to the preferences and the nature of the work.


Four person desks

If you have to furnish an office with several working places, this is a very good and functional solution.

The desk unated for four working places, combined with appropriate cupboards and office accessories, will easily create the perfect working environment for one team.

Every employee can set up their own workspace and at the same time easily to communicate with others.