Lecture tables

Lecture table "Akrol"

The “Akrol” Table consists of a sturdy metal construction, working countertop and front panel of 18 mm melamine faced chipboard.

The legs are made of a metal profile 40 x 20 mm. They are connected with a cross arm from a 25 mm pipe. The metal can be painted with a powder coating in gray, black or white.

So constructed, the Lecture Tables “Akrol” are very robust, reliable and practical. The "П" shaped leg creates convenience in arranging the tables next to each other. It is possible to place more chairs without the legs of the table interfering of the seated employee. They can easily be arranged in different combinations according to the needs and size of the room.

The advantage is that they can be stacked, which creates convenience in storage and movement.

Lecture table "Fresko"

The lecture table “Fresco” is extremely robust, reliable and functional. Its construction is made entirely of metal. It consists of metal legs profile 40 x 40mm and metal frame 40 x 20mm under the countertop of 18mm chipboard. The countertop is edged with a 2 mm arris. The table is convenient for quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Well packaged, demountable, convenient for transport.

The Lecture Tables “Fresco” are made with a modern line with very good proportions. The thickness of the frame with the countertop is equal to that of the legs - 40mm. And multiples of two dimensions (1200 / 600mm) allow the tables to be composed in a several ways so as to perform different purposes.

Conference table "Saxo"

The conference table "SAXO" can be used for both classrooms and lecture halls. It is convenient and lightweight, with the ability to stack the tables, making it convenient for storing and moving. There are handbag hangers on one side.

It is made with a sturdy metal powder-coated construction. It has working countertop of chipboard 18mm with edging 2 mm.

Lecture table "Step"

Lecture table "Step" impresses with its clean line and unique design. It is suitable for offices, lecture, conference and training halls.

The working countertop is made of 18 mm chipboard, edging 2 mm. The legs are made of metal profile 40 x 10, powder coated in white, gray or black. Their original design gives the table lightness and efficacy. At the same time it is extremely robust, stable and functional. The tables can be arranged in different combinations, according to the needs and the room.

Lecture table "Step" is demountable, easy to install and disassemble.With its compact size it is extremely convenient to transport. In disassembled condition it can be inserted in a box with dimensions of 1400/720/50 mm.

Placing a front panel is an additional option.